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10 30 09 | 01:26pm]

follow me, i'll follow you ! x
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09 03 09 | 11:10am]
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12 30 08 | 10:47pm]
if i looked all over the world and there's every type of girl
but your empty eyes seem to pass me by, leave me dancing with myself...

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03 22 07 | 11:25pm]
hello !
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06 18 06 | 09:31pm]
i'm so fucking bored
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03 28 06 | 12:51am]

everything is gonna be friends only from now on, cunts.

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03 20 06 | 08:43pm]

"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!'

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09 27 05 | 02:49pm]
everybody say happy birthday to sharky
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09 06 05 | 05:14pm]
     theres always a chance you could die right in the middle of your life story
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07 11 05 | 04:35pm]
whyThefuckdon'ti live in california?
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03 28 05 | 08:20pm]
all your dreams are made when you're chained to the mirror and the razorblade.
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somebody told me that you had a boyfriend [Wednesday
03 23 05 | 11:28pm]
[ mood | imiss him. ]

i never update. and i want to with pictures. cause y'all need some .. but being me i dont even know how to put pics up but hopefully with this new pc it should be easier. yah so.. i bought bert some pirate stickers and hes lovvvessss me annd we are in lovvvveeeee. hope+robbi4ever. we like listening to cheese.
i hate hospitals. and im sick and tired of them.

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02 02 05 | 04:59pm]
hell yeah. i saw the used. my chemical romance. taking back sunday. music is sex.
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am i waking up at all today [Tuesday
10 12 04 | 02:37pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i want to be able to be the master of my own emotions. i want to be able to choose the way i feel or at ;east manage it in some way. i had an enormous fight type thing with robbie a week ago but we got over it after a few hours but still, i felt like such a skitz. i mean, he;d done nothing wrong and theres me going pyscho bitch on him and tearing us apart.
Anyway.. im in my new city and have just about settled into my new home. its crazy i tell you. i feel so independant. since i got here and entered my new room which is beautyful by the way, i have slept ate smoked. and spent fucking LOTSSSSS of time with ROBBY. who is my new bestfriend.

me and robbie are in love.

but yeah University .. is woah. like my parents are in a different country. i have my own uber sexy bedroom with an awesome view. and my best friend robby to do EveryTHING with. = ] it's been good. and my birthday was pretty good too. i feel like im losing touch with some certain people thought and that sucks a lot a lot..

i started this morning by waking up beside my lover and eating popcorn and smoking a joint and now im in the library killing time...

what fun things can one do in a library??

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we're pirates [Thursday
09 16 04 | 07:54pm]

this is good. <3
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from here to you [Tuesday
09 14 04 | 05:04pm]
[ mood | pimP ]

imissyou. wOW brand new city brand new life for me, starting in 3 days. that;s unbelievable. ive only ever been there once, and now im going to LIVE there, alone. i hope my new room isnt too tiny and ugly.
i hope captain sunset will look after me.

spongebob square pants. = ]

i want to be skinnny boney skinny. = ' [
i'm gonna do it.

i hate it when ex boyfriends randomnly call you. at 4am.

september fools..

wow. brrrrthday in 9 days. i dont know what to ask for.. what should i ask for?

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me and jack are "over" [Friday
09 10 04 | 11:44pm]
the last of jack , sigh..

and when you know you cant go on, cos everything is wrong, your heart breaks, but no-ones there says:
you were always so beautiful
and when you know you cant go on, cos everything is wrong, your heart breaks, but no-ones there says:
im closing this box
and when you know you cant go on, cos everything is wrong, your heart breaks, but no-ones there says:
see you
and when you know you cant go on, cos everything is wrong, your heart breaks, but no-ones there says:
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i saw a shooting star!! [Friday
09 10 04 | 04:03pm]
[ mood | im THE bitchhh.. ]

naked man has gone back to england. haha we drank vodka straght and watched porno (there was nothing else on) and we wrote on eachother.

i miss rob.

Has anyone except me and rob heard Placebo - Without You Im Nothing??

I like the killers.mmmmmm it was only a kiss/mmmm
do you like the killers??

You know what just happened!!? i just opened my wallet and this piece of RIZLA that id never seen before dropped out of my wallet and written on it in eyeliner was

rob loves hope.

that was the fucking best/cutest/BESTEST thing ever..

don;t youuuuuuu agree??????

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you take my heart, i'll take your hand [Wednesday
09 08 04 | 12:10pm]
oh yeah READING was the sex. except i got up to some CLASS A ILLEGAL NESS .. ask me if you wanna know about it

= /

rthtjhngklrtgitrjyhrt;jhyt;jmhlrkyltrmmhltykh'pkrd.mgf,nd,ngvbc,ghkflkh'trpklyhlrtmh,ltmryhlkrtp'yr werdd
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Take.Me.Home. [Wednesday
09 08 04 | 12:05pm]
me and naked man paid £10 for coke!!?? as in coca cola not cocaine.. hahahahahahahaa but i bought 3 cds so me be happyyy {that so rhymes} . u havent heard from/spoken to keetssyy in mucho time. HAHAHA everyones back at school and IVE FUCKEN FINISHED, wowwww. comment biotches.

ilikeitwhenheputsicecubesonmee.and we kissed upside down.

oh, and i ate chicken. [first time in like 9 years]
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